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DPR of Mira Rai Stadium prepared


BHOJPUR: A detailed project report (DPR) has been prepared for the construction of “Mira Rai Stadium” in Chyangre, Pauwadungma Rural Municipality of Bhojpur district. The stadium is being constructed by the rural municipality to honour Mira Rai, a world champion ultramarathon runner.

As per the DPR, the construction of the stadium is estimated to cost Rs 650 million.

Kiran Rai, Chairperson of Pauwadungma Rural Municipality expressed that the stadium is being built to pay honour for Rai’s achievements. The decision to construct a stadium in Rai’s name was made on the meeting held in the Rural Municipality for the new fiscal year.

The construction of the stadium has reached to a level where normal games can be played for now.

Kiran Rai hoped that with the support from all stakeholders, the stadium can be completed within three years. He further informed that the rural municipality will call for support from federal and provincial governments, foreign donors and supporters, for the construction of the stadium.

source: thehimalayantimes.com